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DoctorOnScreen a new era in medical world, World is moving fast with Medicine and Technology. Humans achieved miraculous achievements in the field of Technology. Information Technology leads you to gather any information anywhere from the world by a single click. This was the motivation behind the development of DoctorOnScreen application. In this fast moving era of Technology, we decided to develop an application for the Medical practitioners to interact with patients and other medical practitioners more easily.Medical practitioner who specializes in various medical fields from anywhere can be incorporated into the group, thereby making it more convenient for them to communicate with each other, clearing doubts, sharing Medical History for decision making etc...

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One is free to do consultation from anywhere without affecting his/her leisure time. Whether the doctor is on leave/ on traveling he can consult, diagnose & treat over mobile screen like a phone call. All medical history of a patient can be readily available. Doctor can share a patient's medical report to any other doctor in the group for decision making. This mobile Tech Application is secure. Medical data of a person/similar critical records are not disclosed to anyone unless shared to chosen ones. Past Medical history of a patient along with other doctors' notes will provide an easy means for the consulting doctor to track health records of patients. This Mobile Tech Application provides the platform for a person/patient to submit queries, online consultation (Audio, Chat, Video), fix an appointment, keep in touch with Doctors, uploading Medical History etc.... Even if one is away from home town or country, our application will provide one with the facility to interact with one's own doctor anywhere in the world.This application works on Android & iOS platforms. For further clarifications, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your ideas/suggestions so that we could improve our service to you. Looking forward of bringing good service to you.



Rajesh Alex

MBA/Btech 15 years of IT experience   .Worked/Working with Oracle Corp USA

Tina Philip

MCA/BCA. 8 Years of IT experience. Worked/Working with SAP/Oracle /AOL

 Kishore Alex

FCA/CA  10 years of Financial experience. Worked/Working with Oneida/Qatar Real Estate Company.

Kurien Philip

Btech with 7 years of Healthcare IT experience . Worked/Working with Burgess USA

 Philip P Olessa

B.E  Former General Manager of Keltron